Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sushi Making!!

Our class has been learning to speak Japanese during Term 2. Last week we made sushi. First we decided what ingredients we would need. I decided I would have salmon and capsicum. We used nori (which is seaweed) for the wrapping and sticky rice for the filling. Also we used sushi mats to roll up the sushi. At the end we got to eat the sushi and most of us thought it was DELICIOUS!!!

Here is a Picturetrail from our sushi making day.

From GB

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  1. Lucky you, sushi is my favourite so when I saw you had added this post I had to come and comment. Mrs A will probably laugh when she reads this because she knows about my susi-addiction! Did you make any sushi with chicken and avocado? That's my favourite kind. But when I made sushi I put in too much rice and it exploded out of each end of the seaweed!